Sunday, 24 February 2013

Seven suppers and two lunches cakes and sushi

This week I got my shopping at Asda and  Wing Yip. I spent £58 but lots of ingredients carry over. It was half term this week so my son had lunch at home and as usual my husband and I had packed lunches. 
As well as seven suppers and weekend lunches I have made carrot cake. flapjack.lemon semolina and rosemary cake. coffee cupcakes and preserved lemons. Here are  some of my recipes with my costs

Pork chorizo spinach paella
250g paella rice 45p
Leftover pork
2 small chorizo  £1.25p
Handful spinach 25p
1ltr homemade stock
Green and red peppers 40p
Large onion 10p
Smoked paprika salt pepper
Wild garlic
Olive oil 10p                                                               Serves 4 Total £2.55
Saute chopped chorizo for 15 mins in olive oil. Add green and red pepper garlic and onion for a further 5 mins. Stir in rice and coat with lovely flavoured oil. Season with salt pepper and parika. Add stock and bring to boil now turn down and cook for approx 20 mins. Check stock levels during this time. When rice is cooked the paella should be moist not sloppy. Add spinach and cooked pork at this stage. Check seasonings and serve with
lemon wedges if you have some

Ians spicy cauliflower and almond soup with garlic croutons
Large cauliflower 50p
1/2 packet flaked almonds £1
1ltr Homemade stock
2 tbsp homemade harissa paste 10p
Cumin cinnamon coriander
Salt pepper
4 slices bread 15p
2 tbsp olive oil 20p
Wild garlic                                                                    Serves 4 Total £1.95
Break up cauliflower in small pieces. Heat most of the oil in a large pan and stir in harissa and spices for a few minutes.then add cauliflower toss around to coat it in spices then add almonds stock and bring to the boil. Simmer
about 15-20 mins. Blend to a smooth consistency and check seasoning

Dice bread chop wild garlic toss about in remaining olive oil and heat on a baking tray for 5-10 mins

Linguine with bacon and wild garlic pesto 
Linguine 50p
Homemade pesto
leftover pinenuts
olive and sunflower oil
Salt lemon juice
Wild garlic (or any herbs or spinach just add garlic too) 20p
Cooking bacon 20p
Wild garlic grows like weeds at this time of year in my garden.
I freeze lots too                                    Serves 4 Total 90p

Tomato pepper onion Tarte Tatin 
Box small tomatoes 60p
1 red pepper 20p
1 onion 10p
Half pack puff pastry 50p
Breadcrumbs 2 slices bread 5p
Olive oil  10p                                         Serves 3 with salad Total £1.55
Saute onion and pepper in a frying pan you can put in the oven. Sprinkle 2tsp sugar stir. Remove from heat .Cut tomatoes in half and place cut side down in pan try to space evenly. Sprinkle in breadcrumbs. Roll out pastry and lay over everything in pan tuck down the sides. Put in oven approx 25 mins or when pastry nice and golden brown. WITH THE GREATEST OF CARE as handle is very hot remove from oven an tip out pastry side down on a cooling rack. Scatter with basil or oregano if you have. Serve hot or cold

Thai chicken curry and rice
4 chicken breasts £1.99
Green curry paste 10p
Coconut cream 30p
Peppers spring onions carrots courgettes £1.35
Rice 25p                                                                  Serves 3/4 Total £3.99

Meat balls in tomato sauce 
Beef mince £1.65
Breadcrumbs 5p
Chilli flakes tomato paste paprika
Diced onion 10p
Tin tomatoes 35p
Olive oil 10p
Wild garlic                                  
Potato onion rosemary tortilla
5 eggs 82p
1 potato 10p
Onion 10p
Beetroot blue cheese and walnut
Beetroot 50p
Blue cheese £1
Walnuts 50p                                                                 Serves 4 Total £5.27
Make tomato sauce and save some for pizza topping. Make meatballs by combining mince onions breadcrumbs tomato paste paprika chillis seasoning. Form into walnut size balls and fry.
Make tortilla by sauteing finely sliced potates and onions in olive oil until tender. Add beaten and seasoned eggs to frying pan. Cook on medium heat until mostly set. Turn onto a plate and put back in pan uncooked side down for further 5 mins
Mix beetroot crumbled blue cheese and walnuts dress and season

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Valentines pancakes and cake

Week 5
Spring and love in the air, it was Pancake Day and 
Valentines Day all in one week, and  I managed to get 
everything I needed for £50.62!! so I didn't manage to 
save my overspend from previous weeks, but it did 
mean we had enough ingredients to make carrot cake 
on Sunday

Valentines Day is Calvin and my anniversary so I 
planned a three course meal. 
It cost £11.09 

Smoked Salmon Mousse 
Blend Yoghurt cream cheese 40p with smoked salmon 
trimmings 98p season with lime juice and pepper
Homemade oatcakes 20p

Moule et frite
Saute an onion 5p wild garlic free toss in 1 kilo mussels £4.50 
and half a can cider 50p
Hand make chips 50p

Flour 5p Dark Sainsburys Basic chocolate 2 bars 66p 
Sugar 30p Cocoa 5p 5 eggs 60p 
cooking butter 25p

Berry Ice Cream 
Condensed milk 50p Elmlea light double cream 85p 
Cup of custard 20p Frozen berries 50p

Half term this week and I have a hungry teenager at home. Dexter loves sushi so we are off to Win Yip for Nori £1.34!! and pickled ginger. 

Next weeks menu

MONDAY Pork chorizo and spinach paella
TUESDAY My brother Ian's Spiced Cauliflower soup with 
almond and harissa
WEDNESDAY Chicken and leek pie
THURSDAY Pasta with Wild Garlic pesto
FRIDAY Thai chicken curry
SATURDAY Tortilla beetroot walnut and blue cheese salad
SUNDAY Roast beef/lamb

Packed lunches homelunch and breakfasts included in budget


Olive oil sunflower oil dishwasher tablets shampoo Lemon squash 
crackers cereal coffee sushi nori pickled ginger bacon cheese 
fruit bread crumpet oats butterbeans eggs sugar lemons 
flaked almonds chorizo cauliflower puff pastry pasta crab sticks 
vegetables walnuts natural yoghurt butter x2 milk roast 
Est £63

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Week Four Its not all lentils

Last weeks shopping cost £58 but as you can see below 
I got a lot for my money. We ate really well but next week
will be a challenge as I have overspent each week so have £32 to spend.
My mother Wendy Moorhouse Johns came to stay from Wednesday to Saturday, she is vegetarian and 
Ellen came to eat on Wednesday. 
Made parsley pesto with remaining parsley and pinenuts from last week. 
Made more Labnah its so easy. Just tip fat free yoghurt into a muslin cloth and leave to drain for a few hours. I save the liquid for stock!
I made cream cheese spinach feta pie with some, smoked salmon and cream cheese beigels and mini lemon cheesecakes. 
Made flapjack for lunch and snacks. 

The trifle went down a treat, made Victoria sponge for it. Saved half the custard for crumble on Sunday.
Picked Wild Garlic from garden and Rhubarb from the allotment
Got a huge jar of capers from 99p shop and Big bottle soy sauce from chinese supermarket on Rye Lane rest of the food was from Lidl and Sainsburys

Including Valentine Meal and Chinese New Year

Stir fry noodles vegetables and lamb

Chicken and wild garlic and leek pie with puff pastry

Spaghetti al tonno

Smoked salmon mousse
Moule et frite
Chocolate brownies with berry ice cream

Jacket potatoes with chilli (saved half of last weeks)

Bacon egg beans 
Pasta bake
Thai chicken curry

Wild garlic and leek soup
Roast Pork

Noodles Leeks Big potatoes Onions Peppers Cucumber Celery Carrots Broc Fruit Cheese Pasta x 2 Tinned toms Yoghurt Rice Flour Bread Flour Beigels Ham Cream Chicken Smoked Salmon Mussels Chips Eggs 
Butter x 2 Puff Pastry Bacon Beand Black Pudding Milk Cereal Muesli 
Washing up liquid Dark Chocolate Condensed milk Bread Squash 
Sausages Garlic  Peppers Tomatoes

So I'm going have work to track down some real bargains at Lewisham market and Lidl  

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Week Three menu and shopping list

Thanks to my brother Ian for his delicious Harira soup recipe last week. It called for harissa paste so I made some approx 20p and some Ottolenghi quick pickled lemons for the cous cous salad.

The homemade cream cheese was lovely and we made a lemon cheese cake with it, just beat in some lemon curd and put on a crushed biscuit base. 

Also made pesto with parsley and leftover pinenuts from week before

Thai green curry

MONDAY Stirfry noodles with veg and pork (leftover from last night
TUESDAY Harira soup and Lorraine Pascal's breadsticks
WEDNESDAY Ottelenghi's Herb pie
THURSDAY Barley and Feta Rissoto Trifle
FRIDAY Chilli con Carne with rice
SATURDAY Pasta with tuna and homemade parsley pesto
SUNDAY Roast lamb Rhubarb crumble

Noodles soy sauce peppers chillis beannsprouts lots of natural yoghurt feta ricotta spring onions cheese eggs thyme tinned toms x4 mince meat kidney beans shoulder of lamb fruit bread beigels ham milk biscuits butter x 2 caraway seeds tinned custard frozen berries cream coffee 
EST £62
Ian's Harira soup and beigel croutons